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warranti is the marketplace for Phygits - NFTs backed by real-world value

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What are Phygits?

Phygits are real assets that consist of a digital and physical part = phygital. The physical collector’s item is kept highly secure by a licensed partner. The digital counterpart, also known as a digital twin, consists of an NFT (non-fungible token) and represents the real asset. The real collector’s item can be redeemed at any time in exchange for the NFT.

In Phygits we trust

Collectibles for a new age

Authentic without a doubt

Phygital collectibles significantly reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. A phygit stores its history and provenance on blockchain, allowing you to always verify its authenticity

Supercharged value

Phygital collectibles form mutually beneficial relationships across the digital and real world, boost your digital collectible with a tangible counterpart and fuel your physical collectibles with authenticity

Share what you love

Phygits allow showcasing your collectibles free from physical constraints and risks. Easily displace and trade your collectibles digitally

Redeemable at any time

Simply redeem your phygit to get your hands on the real collectible. Our treasury service guarantees safe deposits and international shipping.

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“The idea of using phygital NFTs to bridge the gap between the physical and the real world makes so much sense and provides tangible value too. This makes me confident that the mainstream adoption of NFTs will skyrocket sooner than we expect!”

Gary Vee
Gary Vee
Founder of VeeFriends

“Phygital NFTs are definitely the future of NFTs. They’re built on utility which is what NFT owners crave.”

Image of RTFKT founder
Benoit Pagotto
Co-Founder of RTFKT

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What is warranti?

‍warranti is a decentralized marketplace and ecosystem for authentic phygital collectibles, also known as phygits. Phygital is the concept of using blockchain technology to blend physical and digital spaces.

What are phygits? How are they different from NFTs?

Phygits are a special kind of NFTs - they are also digital collectibles, but they extend to the real world. They are composed of a digital component (the NFT) and the physical manifestation of the digital object. 

Once a digital collectible’s physical counterpart has been securely deposited in one of our vaults, the pyhgit’s metadata reflects that change and you can see when and where it is stored along with the security level of the vault.

Additionally the phygit’s digital artwork changes to indicate that the collectible’s physical twin is securely deposited.

What are the benefits of phygits?

Say goodbye to deception, fraud, and counterfeiting

Phygits store all important information like provenance and history of a physical collectible on-chain.
With forgery-proof blockchain technology and complete transparency, phygits are the ideal way to guarantee a collectible’s authenticity.

Supercharge physical collectibles

Phygits add value to physical collectibles by guaranteeing their authenticity and by being able to use them in metaverses

Supercharge digital collectibles

A phygit adds value to a digital collectible through a physical twin. This physical counterpart gets securely vaulted, and insured. and can be redeemed at any time by the owner of the collectible.
Contrary to pure NFTs, phygits are backed with real value and create sustainable value.

Hyperreal flexing

Phygits add hyperrealism to physical collectibles. Digital representations of collectibles can look way better than reality and easily be shared with like-minded collectors. Since phygits are free from physical constraints, you can showcase your collectibles to a wider audience with a presentation beyond reality.

Own, don’t possess

Ever had the feeling that your physical collectibles take up too much space? 
Phygits get securely vaulted and insured and you can always redeem them when you want to access them. Freed from physical constraints, you save space, insurance costs and can easily show and trade your collectibles digitally.

Crowdfunding reinvented

Phygits allow you to support new and diverse artists in completely new ways. Phygital collections can be created digitally first to fund the manufacturing of the physical counterparts.

By buying and holding a phygit you can support your favorite artists, empower them to create real-world collectibles, and share their success.

How can I get the actual phygit?

As a phygit owner, you can redeem your physical part at any point. Find the phygit you want to redeem and tap the Redeem button.

When you redeem a phygit you will be asked to go through our KYC process and provide your shipping address. After verifying your identity and that you are in full compliance with your jurisdiction, our logistics partner will ship your collectible safely using insured shipping.

The redemption process to pay shipping and duties. For phygits being shipped across international borders, you might be required to pay additional customs duties.

Please note that the moment you redeem your phygit that you won’t have access to it any more. By redeeming it, the digital version of the phygit (the NFTs) gets burned and it will cease to exist on the blockchain.

Can phygits be re-deposited?

Re-depositing potentially opens the door for fraud and tampering with the physical part. We are investigating methods to prevent this but at the moment it’s not possible to re-deposit a phygit once it has been redeemed. By ensuring that the digital part of the phygit gets burned in the redemption process and preventing redepositing we can guarantee the authenticity of a phygit.

The authenticity of the physical part gets verified at multiple stages:

1. When a creator of a collection is entering the deposition process
2. When the tangible item gets deposited in a vault
3. When the tangible item gets redeemed from a vault


What’s the technology behind warranti?

Like many other marketplaces for digital collectibles, warranti is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, ERC-721 NFTs, and smart contracts.

warranti is built upon OpenSea’s Seaport marketplace protocol that comes along with open-source smart contracts and allows safe and efficient trading.

What are phygits made of?

warranti phygits are ERC-721 Tokens that follow the standard for Non-Fungible Tokens (EIP-721). This means that phygits are compatible with any program, cryptocurrency wallet (such as Metamask), or NFT marketplace (such as Opensea) that acknowledges that standard.

Buying & Selling

Do I need a wallet to buy phygits?

Yes, you need a crypto wallet that supports the Ethereum Mainnet to buy or sell phygits on warranti.

Your wallet is your point of access to the ecosystem of web3. It holds all of your phygits, cryptocurrency and you’ll need it to process transactions.

Once you connect your wallet to warranti, you can participate in our marketplace. warranti currently supports MetaMask and wallets that are supported by WalletConnect.

Where can I trade phygits?

Phygits can be traded on any NFT marketplace that supports ERC-721 Tokens and Etherium (such as OpenSea). Redeeming phygits is only supported on warranti since it requires completing our KYC process and providing a shipping address.

What currencies do you accept?

You will be able to trade phygits using Ether (ETH) or USD Coin (USDC) on the Ethereum Mainnet.

What happens if I sell a phygit?

If you sell your phygit on the marketplace, it will be automatically transferred to the buyer. The value of the sale in Ether will automatically be added to your connected wallet. After the sale, the phygit will no longer appear in My Collections and you will no longer be able to redeem it.

Sales of phygits are documented and can be verified on Etherscan.

How can I sell a phygit?

There are two options if you want to sell a phygit. You can either list it for sale or for bidding. Phygits that are listed for sale stay for sale until someone buys them, or you remove your listing.

Phygits that are listed for bidding work like regular auctions. You set duration and a starting price and at the end of the countdown, they get sold to the highest bidder. You can also set a reserve price in case to define a minimum sale price. The auction will end without a sale if you don't receive any bids equal to or greater than your reserve price.

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